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Consignors get to sell their items and earn as much as 80%!

Consignors and Volunteers get to shop before we open to the public to find the best deals first! 


Collect, Prep, and Tag

Gather your items (don't forget the big toys in the backyard and garage!), use our handy guidelines below (including videos) and create your tags using our free online barcoding system.  So easy and so much fun to watch your outgrown stuff evolve into cash!    


Drop Off!


Wednesday, April 3, 10:30am-7:00pm



Monday, April 8, 1:00pm-5:30pm

Consignors checks are e-mailed a few days after the sale!

Consign with us!

We'd love to have you as a consignor!  It's up to you how much money you earn....like anything in life, the greater the effort the bigger the reward!

Earn 80% as a Team Leader (details below)
Earn 70% by volunteering just one 5-hour shift
Earn 60% on your sold items, just tag and drop them off
Earn 50% on your sold items by letting us tag them and you volunteer one 5-hour shift
Earn 40% by letting us tag your items (email us at jbfaddicts@jbfsale.com for details)

You will also get a pass for you and a guest to come shop before the public to find the best deals first!  A $12.50 consignor fee comes out of each consignors check.  Our average consignor check is over $350 (& we know you're not average!).

In addition to earning more money, volunteers also get to shop before consignors.  The more you volunteer the earlier you shop!

The sale is not just for clothes and shoes!  Toys, books, games, baby equipment and more all sell great and will clear your house of clutter faster than you can imagine.

Register to Consign


Volunteers experience more!

Login to Add Shift

More fun, more savings, more earnings...consider volunteering!  We have easy ways to earn 70% and 80% on your sold items, just by spending a little time with us at the sale.  You'll meet new friends while inspecting, organizing, helping customers, sorting items and other fun tasks.  More hands equals light work, plus we'd love to spend time with your smiling face!

Volunteer Benefits:

    Earn more on your sold items
    Shop before consignors and the general public
    Shop the 50% off sale FIRST!

All these benefits, plus having FUN with old and new friends!  You'll be glad you chose to join us. If you can't volunteer send your hubby, or we do have Bartering opportunities on the online volunteer schedule.  This is where you help without spending 5 hours at the sale.  These Barter's don't earn the increased % on your sold items but do earn the other benefits!



Drop off your items Wednesday, April 3, between 10:30am-7:00pm., 

Drop off is come and go, no appointment necessary.  To be safe, allow one hour in your schedule to complete drop off.  

Mid-Sale Dropoff:  Friday, April 5,  5pm-7pm

Toys and Equipment typically need restocked at this point in the sale.  Limit 50 "inspection" items (clothing and shoes).

If you have over 300 items in inventory, we will need to check you in inform you of POWER SELLER requirements.


If your items are not marked for donation, plan to pick up any unsold items between 12:00pm-5:30pm Monday, April 8.   
Please consider marking donate when tagging your items.  They are put to great use in our local community.

At the end of pick-up time (5:31pm), all remaining items are donated to our charity partners.  Sorry, no exceptions as we have to get completely moved out of the venue.



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Big Ticket Incentive

  • Want to sell furniture?  You must get them approved prior to the sale.  Pricing furniture to go half is recommended.  Send picture and price to jbfaddicts@jbfsale.com

    Bring your JBF tag in hand to the sale.  We'll help you attach it to your item securely using our yellow claim tickets.

Baby Supplies & Equipment

Baby Items: Bibs, cloth diapers, bottles, small toys, bows, socks, etc. can be in clear Ziploc bags with the tag attached to the inside or outside of the bag.  You can use clear packing tape for securing the bags closed. This prevents 'little' hands from reaching in.

Blankets and Snuggies sell better if they are hung and pinned to a hanger.
Several small items can be grouped together in Ziploc bags (books, rattles, grab bags for small toys).
Stuffed animals must "DO" something (musical or animated).
Please don't try to sell Happy Meal toys...come on, they were free!
Breast Pumps:  If bringing a breast pump to sell, please price for $50 or less.  Due to recent legislation, many insurance companies now provide pumps to expecting mothers, so they are less in demand than in the past.

Infant Equipment:
• Infant equipment includes: Car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings, exersaucers, bouncy seats, boppies, play gyms, pack and plays and bassinets.
• Car seats cannot be older than 5 years old.  Click here for a car seat waiver. Fill it out and bring it with you to check-in.

Cribs:  Just Between Friends can only accept the consignment of cribs manufactured on or after June 28, 2011. Cribs manufactured from July 23, 2010 to June 28, 2011 may be consigned if the consignor provides a certificate of compliance from the crib manufacturer or retailer. Cribs manufactured prior to July 23, 2010 will not be accepted under any circumstance. Cribs that are unacceptable, for any reason, cannot be sold as toddler beds. Click here for a Crib Waiver, fill it out and bring it with you to check in.

Stuffed Animals:
Must be musical, character or animated ("do" something) or they will be pulled from the sales floor.  Even when they're adorable, those that don't "do" something just don't sell, as they seem to multiply on their own at our houses!  No beanie babies or used webkins.  Build-A-Bears must be accessorized or talk/sing.


We have a 25 book per consignor limit.  If you have more than that, consider "bundling" and selling some as a set.  We accept parenting/pregnancy books, baby up to pre-teen.  No adult, murder-mysteries, etc.

Please flip through the pages to make sure they haven't been "decorated" or torn by ambitious little learners!


Only bring items in excellent condition and less than 5 years old.  No tears, stains or obvious fading.

We accept Preemie to 18, Juniors and Maternity(no men's or women's)

New-ish:  We will accept up to 20 items per consignor that are Juniors/Teens.  Focus on labels such as Abercrombie, Hollister, Nike, Under Armour, Pink, Miss Me, Lululemon and other mall brands that teens wear.  No women's/men's brands or styles.  These items will go through a separate inspection process, even for Immaculate Consignors.  Please price these items to sell!

All clothing items must be hung using appropriate sized hangers.  Wire, plastic or store hangers are fine.  Use safety pins to secure the item if it will have trouble staying on the hanger.

We have a 200 item limit on clothing.  An "item" counts as one tag.  For example, two shirts on a hanger for $4 counts as one "item".

We do have a $3 minimum price on clothing.  You can pair up items if needed, as long as they are the same size (they don't have to be an outfit).  Two pairs of pants or two or more shirts will sell easily together.

Be sure and use WHITE cardstock for your tags.  CARDSTOCK is especially important on clothing, as tags on regular paper will get torn off more easily.  WHITE is important as we used colored paper for internal purposes and your items will be mis-sorted and not returned to you if on colored paper.

Hangers face LEFT (like a question mark).

To hang an outfit or set:

Safety pin clothing sets securely with pants hung on the backside of the shirt so both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them.
Safety pin through BOTH pieces AND through the hanger (this will prevent pants from weighing down the shirt and causing a possible tear).
Please safety pin pants to the top part of the hanger so the garment will not slide.
We prefer you use safety pins, but you can use a tagging gun.  Barbs must be in the correct places for us to accept the items. Tags placed under the armpit, at the end of the sleeves and in the front fabric (where it makes a hole in the fabric) will not be accepted.  Tagging gun guidelines sheet.

DVD's & Electronics

DVD's: Make sure the disc is in the case and not scratched.  Sorry, we do not sell VHS tapes and will automatically donate any that are put out on the sales floor.  No rated R movies.

Expensive Electronics ARE safe to bring.  Be sure to zip tie them to the rack.  DS's, PSP's, etc all sell great!  No M for Mature ratings please!  If over $25, please be sure to zip type item to stand.rs!

Furniture & Decor

Furniture/Decor:  All kinds of children's and juvenile furniture will be accepted. All furniture must be intact and sturdy.  Children's Room decor is preferred.

Adult Furniture:  Non-children furniture need to be approved before you can put in the sell.  We recommend you price these items to sell and mark them to reduce.

Bedding:  Please be sure to hang all bedding.  We do accept bedding sets and bumpers, but please price these items to sell quickly.  Though they cost a fortune new, pricing these more than 1/4 of retail may prohibit them from selling.

Games & Puzzles

Games and puzzles: These should have all pieces and be tied or taped closed.  If you don't have time to check to make sure it's complete, do not tag and sell it!

Quality Matters!
Puzzles, Games or DVD's that do not have all the pieces (or the disc) will be returned at the shoppers request and you will be charged $5 per occurence.  The same rule applies for an item with corroded batteries.  Repeat offenders will be prohibited from consigning at our event.  Please check your items thoroughtly so only quality items will be at our event.


All shoes will be inspected and must be in new or very gently used condition.
Magic Erasers work WONDERS on shoes!!  A little bit of effort can add up to a lot of $ for you!
Shoes with dirt or mud will not be accepted.
All shoes need to be removed from the box
Attach a tag with a large safety pin to the laces and, for extra security, place a piece of tape over the pin.  I prefer to zip tie my shoes together, then pin the tag around the zip tie, then tape the pin.  Extra secure!

Shoes are handled a lot at the sale, so be sure that tag is not going anywhere.

Avoid putting shoes in zip-lock baggies if possible.  They sell better when shoppers can see them better.


• Must be in working order
• Include batteries (you can get batteries very inexpensively at the Dollar Store) If we have to replace/provide batteries to sell your item, we will charge your account $1 per battery.
• Make sure they are clean.  If you're missing pieces but it doesn't compromise the toy, that's ok.
• Small parts should be bagged and taped to the main part very securely. Use HEAVY packing tape. If parts get separated, it will not sell.

Bagged Toys-Bagged Toys need to make since and fit together.  If bags look like random toys thrown together, they will get pulled.

Tagging toys and equipment with multiple pieces: Create and attach a tag to one of the pieces, then use masking tape and write your consignor number and price on each of the other pieces, in case they get separated.  Not required but a good idea (think kids table and 2 chairs)

Power Seller Guidelines

ARE YOU A POWER SELLER?  If you are bringing 300 total items and NOT donating unsold items, we consider you a Power Seller. 

Please let us know at check in if you are a power seller.  Anyone with over 300 items in their inventory will be required to go thru a more thorough inspection.

We require that you work a Power Seller Sorting Shift via the online volunteer scheduler (this shift is held Sunday evening 5-10pm).  During this time you'll be helping us sort ALL consignors items..  You will not earn volunteer credit for this shift.  You may choose a second volunteer shift to work during the event to earn the extra percentage (70%) on your sold items. 

Power Sellers with less than 50% sell thru rate will be asked to reduce and change prices on their items.  Item limits will be placed based on sell thru rates.  Power Sellers are charged an additional $40 charge to their consignment fee added to their consignor account.  If you work your required breakdown shift Sunday 5pm-10pm, this $40 fee will be waived.

Power Sellers who have DONATE marked on 90% or more of the items in their tagging account will get their $40 fee waived and are not required to work a breakdown shift. 


Get those items tagged and get ready to earn big!!

Valet Drop Off

Pull in, unload, leave.  5 minutes and you're done! (hint, if you're sending your husband to drop off he'll LOVE you for this!)

Make an appointment, bring your items and waiver inside and walk away.  No standing in line for inspections or putting your items away!

Valet Drop-Off Fees:

Up to 200 items-$20
201-350 items-$30
350-500 items-$40

Item counts come from the number of tags you have in your tagging account.  Delete old/sold tags so you’ll have an accurate number.  We can show you how if you need help.

Ready to sign up? Have questions?  Just e-mail us!


No time to tag your items?

Do you want your kids outgrown things to go to good homes and help local families?  But still think it'd be nice to see a return on your investments, too?

That's where VIP tagging comes in!  Our experienced taggers will do all the work for you and you get to sit back and wait for your check (and a tax receipt for anything donated that doesn't sell!)

Like a regular consignor, you'll be invited to bring a guest and shop early at our Consignor Presale.  We'd also love to have you as a volunteer, which will earn you a higher return on your items as well as get to shop even earlier!

This service is popular so space is limited.  E-mail us today for full details and to get in touch with a tagger near you!  jbfaddicts@jbfsale.com


Inspection Process

At drop off we have an inspection process.  We thoroughly check clothing and shoes to make sure they're tagged properly and the type of quality that we know our shoppers expect. 

Items brought to the sale that are recalled, the wrong season, faded/stained/worn, outdated/more than 5 years old will be pulled from the floor and be awaiting consignors at pick up.  Please be careful to double check the items you are tagging at home. Make sure you have good lighting so you can find those stains at home before we find them at the sale.

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.


Want to earn 80% on your sold items?

Be a part of our JBF Team Lead Crew to earn 80% on your sold items!  You just need to sign up for 5 crew shifts on the volunteer sign up.  Details on the Presale Shopping page.

Easy & Rewarding!  We LOVE our loyal JBF-ers and created this program to say Thank You!!



Consignor + 1 Guest Presale: Thursday, April 15th at 5:30pm




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